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In recent years, the word, “censorship” has become a pejorative term and has consequently lost its real meaning and value when used and digested appropriately

In recent days, President Donald J.Trump was, indeed, censored by various social media outlets. Most notably, of course, was the President’s favorite social media megaphone, Twitter.

Many on the Left run from the word, censorship, and are quick to replace it with another. In so doing, the Left almost suggests that the President wasn’t censored and no one should be censored — when in fact, he was, and his censorship was entirely appropriate.

To cultural libertarians, free-speech-Puritans, self-appointed leaders of the “Intellectual Dark Web” and Twitter Philosophers, President Trump’s censorship has been taken as an enthusiastic invitation to go full-blown Chicken Little, preach their gloomy political gospel of the impending doom of free speech in the Western World, perform their self-righteous holier-than-thou dance number for as long as the issue is politically relevant outside their cozy echo chambers. …

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Serious people don’t deny reality or make light of it — they accept it and deal with it.

The consistent failure of the supposed “future of the Democratic Party” to ground themselves in a reality-centered universe, accept objective reality, and deal with it was on full display when the rising stars of the far-Left reacted to former President Barack Obama’s recent remarks pointing out an important political reality, that the slogan, “Defund The Police,” is a political loser.

The response to President Obama’s remarks was embarrassing.

No Earthbound human, who listened to what the former President actually said or has any earthly idea who Barack Obama is as a human, would have misunderstood what he was saying as anything other than an articulation of an observable political reality. …

It’s time to create a political home for Democrats who are Anti-Establishment and Anti-Woke

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After the conclusion of the 2016 slugfest between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton in the Democratic presidential primary, Bernie came up short. However, by most accounts, he did far better than anyone expected at the outset of his audacious effort to defeat Clinton, the DNC’s anointed candidate and a political powerhouse in her own right.

Then, when it was all over, cable news and political pundits collectively settled on one important takeaway from Bernie’s impressive performance:

“It is now clear that there are two wings of the Democratic Party.

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According to one Progressive Democrat, the unfortunate answer appears to be: No.

In July of 2020, at President Trump’s direction, federal officers — often, heavily armed and wearing camouflage — were dispatched to Portland, Oregon, where they scooped up Black Lives Matter protesters and tossed them into unmarked vans before speeding away into the dark of night.

Lee Enterprises is one of the largest owners of local newspapers in America. Their apparent indifference to the truth, ethics, and transparency, is terrifying.

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Before I introduce you to Lee Enterprises: The Sinclair Broadcast Group of Local Newspapers, a little background on Sinclair…

Until July 2017, Sinclair Broadcast Group operated its media empire in relative obscurity.

Then, John Oliver used his platform as host of HBO’s Last Week Tonight to shine a bright light on the Sinclair media machine; the thesis of Oliver’s 19-minute segment on Sinclair (which has now been viewed over 19-million times on YouTube) was that behind the mask of being an innocent and impartial broadcaster of local news, the media giant — operating in the shadows and taking advantage of the public’s overwhelming trust in “local news”— is really a giant corporation operating a thinly veiled right-wing sleaze machine with little — if any — interest in and commitment to ethical, honest, fact-first reporting. …

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While President Trump makes for a convenient scapegoat, traditional press at all levels isn’t dying because of him, or because of the internet; the traditional press is dying because, some time ago, they started to drink the same alluring poisons that they assail politicians and the cartoonishly wealthy for drinking — prioritizing the accumulation of power and wealth above all else. …

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What happened to me could happen to anyone, is likely to happen to more people more often, and has already — silently — claimed many victims

A few weeks ago, a Mayo Clinic L.P.C. (therapist) diagnosed me with a severe psychological “adjustment disorder” almost identical to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Specifically, I was diagnosed with an “Other Specified Trauma-and-Stressor-Related Disorder.”

Due to the fact that my traumas did not involve bodily harm or sexual violence, I was not diagnosed with PTSD even though I have suffered from all of the torturous hallmark symptoms of PTSD consistently, yet silently, for the last four years.

So what happened to me?

The Tribune and The Troll

Five years ago, things were good — actually, they were great! At the age of 25, I was named a finalist for Person of the Year by my local paper, The La Crosse Tribune; I was living my best life, preparing to become a father, and was a widely celebrated and awarded public servant in my small hometown in Western Wisconsin (population: 51,227). …

The DailyKos Made My Vote (And Thousands More) Disappear

I was one of the 24,124+ DailyKos members who voted for Andrew Yang in the DailyKos’ most recent online straw poll.

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But, my vote wasn’t counted.

Well, it was, until the DailyKos realized the result was not what they hoped for… that’s when they pulled a Putin and made my vote — and all votes they didn’t like (any for Andrew Yang) — in the DailyKos’ own words, “disappear” leading to this completely fictitious headline:

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By: Andrew Londre

In “(CORRECTIONS, CONTEXT & UPDATES) La Crosse SOUP founder redirected civic improvement funds I examined an article published by the La Crosse Tribune in 2016 — an article which I was the central focus of, which made me look terrible, and which was completely wrong, and which continues to cause great harm to me and my family.

The gist of the Tribune’s original story was this:

I used Kickstarter to raise $10,000+ for a series of civic improvement projects to be led by local college students. But then, when most of those projects failed to materialize, a TV show — which was also using Kickstarter to fund its production — that was meant to highlight young entrepreneurs called me to be in the show, but was charging potentially featured entrepreneurs thousands of dollars to be in the show… in a super shady move, I went out on my own and redirected the funds meant to pay for student generated projects to instead “pay for a video promoting a handful of local businesses, including [my] own.” …

These questions and answers are related to the story:
(CORRECTIONS, CONTEXT & UPDATES) La Crosse SOUP founder redirected civic improvement funds

Reasonable Question #1 — Why are you making these corrections and not the Tribune?

Just a few days prior to me writing this, I did indeed ask the Tribune to make a series of corrections.

Unfortunately, when I met privately with the Tribune’s Editor, I was immediately dismissed, mocked, and told, “No. There’s nothing to correct.” In fact, this conversation was only one of several recent meetings I have had with Tribune staff about these corrections, updates, etc.

Just days prior to meeting with the paper’s current editor, I sat down for a total of nearly five hours over two days with a veteran Tribune reporter who concluded that, my story “is a story worth telling” and “if I were you, I’d want people to hear the full…


Andrew Londre

Accomplished public servant and former elected official turned civic & cultural commentator and consultant 🔗

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