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Trump Was Censored and Rightly So

Andrew Londre


In recent years, the word, “censorship” has become a pejorative term and has consequently lost its real meaning and value when used and digested appropriately

In recent days, President Donald J.Trump was, indeed, censored by various social media outlets. Most notably, of course, was the President’s favorite social media megaphone, Twitter.

Many on the Left run from the word, censorship, and are quick to replace it with another. In so doing, the Left almost suggests that the President wasn’t censored and no one should be censored — when in fact, he was, and his censorship was entirely appropriate.

To cultural libertarians, free-speech-Puritans, self-appointed leaders of the “Intellectual Dark Web” and Twitter Philosophers, President Trump’s censorship has been taken as an enthusiastic invitation to go full-blown Chicken Little, preach their gloomy political gospel of the impending doom of free speech in the Western World, perform their self-righteous holier-than-thou dance number for as long as the issue is politically relevant outside their cozy echo chambers.

To the President’s defenders, his censorship is supposedly many things, “Orwellian” (blah blah blah). However, to them, the President’s censorship is really just the thing they’d prefer to talk about at the moment, as opposed to the reason why The President was censored in the first place.

However, you can’t have a serious, meaningful conversation about censorship without including a discussion around why censorship is, at times, totally appropriate — as it was in President Trump’s case.

While the Left has mostly resisted using the word “censorship” to accurately describe what happened to President Trump in recent days, they have not been shy about sharing the many reasons why President Trump was appropriately booted from social media platforms like Twitter.

And, ironically, of all the many rational justifications the Left and other Pro-Trump-Twitter-Ban folks have put forth for Twitter’s removal of President Trump from their platform, the most important and salient ones are ones which are traditionally espoused by the very people who are most upset about Trump’s Twitter Ban.




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