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Stream Teaming: How Warzone’s Biggest Stars Exploit the Game

Warzone’s uneven playing field will never be fixed if the game’s top dogs aren’t playing fairly themselves

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Cheating in Warzone is a dead horse of a topic that just won’t die!
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Case In Point: Nick Mercs

Warzone Stream Teaming usually looks something like this 👇

If that isn’t cheating, what is?

When you and your squadmates benefit from unfair advantages like these every time you stream, and you don’t discourage it, and often encourage it, you are giving your followers your seal of approval to continue to do it, and you are deeply eroding your credibility as an anti-cheat advocate.

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I am NOT a “hater” of Mercs, TimTheTatMan, or Swagg.

And, by the way, having seen how many gamers respond to criticisms of their favorite streamers before…

No(!) I have zero illusions about my gaming skills compared to any of theirs. Every one of the streamers I mention in this story is 100X better than me (which relates to a later point…they don’t need to cheat! So just stop…).

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The Case Against Stream Teaming

“Alright, that’s enough mucking about.”

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My Relationship with Warzone

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What’s Really Destroying Call of Duty Warzone: Unfair Advantages

Stream Teaming is Cheating:

Exhibit A: FaZe Dubs Teaming Allegations

If Dubs can’t Team/Collude with opponents, neither should his FaZe Clan brothers, Mercs, Swagg, or anyone else.


“But teaming isn’t as bad as other cheats!”

“Is Stream Teaming really cheating if the Official Rules don’t label it as cheating?”

“But, these top streamers have dealt with bad stream snipers for years and still do, so I’m not upset that they are getting some good stream snipers now. They’ve earned it.”

“Still, there is nothing people like Mercs could do to stop his streamers from doing stuff like this.”

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