Calling Out The DailyKos’ Anti-Democratic Tactics

The DailyKos Made My Vote (And Thousands More) Disappear

Even though this is a real screenshot of a real Tweet from the Twitter Verified Account of The Daily Kos… Warren didn’t actually win.

But why? Why did they do it?

So, the Daily Kos must have a good reason to erase all of Andrew Yang’s votes (again), right?

Note: the Daily Kos’ staff-sponsored conspiracy theory is a flagrant violation of the Daily Kos’ own “Rules of the Road” (shown below):

The Daily Kos’ “Rules of the Road” includes 13 “DOs” and 23 “DO NOTs” including this one…

The Daily Kos’s explanation is… a bunch of bullshit. And I’ll prove it.

First, is their complete abandonment of their Rule of The Road DO #12:

Next, there’s Rule of the Road, DO #13:

This is an actual screenshot from the Daily Kos’ website (including the image of Clippy) … My only adjustments were to add the green underlines for emphasis.

IF the Daily Kos DID follow their own rules… they would have:

IF the Daily Kos DID follow their own rules… they would NOT have:

Dissecting the DailyKos Bullshit YangGang Conspiracy Theory

Charge #1: “Andrew Yang supporters … have [spammed] polls … [using] fake email addresses to vote.”

Charge #2: “Andrew Yang supporters [are] not progressives… [and] are not interested in joining the site’s mission to elect more and better Democrats while fighting for progressive policy at the national and local levels. They’re not even pretending to try.”

To wrap this up, I want to offer some suggestions for the Daily Kos and the YangGang…

First, the #YangGang

Now, to the Daily Kos, some suggestions:

Thanks for reading.


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