Answering Likely (and Reasonable) Questions

Andrew Londre
7 min readJul 13, 2019

These questions and answers are related to the story:
(CORRECTIONS, CONTEXT & UPDATES) La Crosse SOUP founder redirected civic improvement funds

Reasonable Question #1 — Why are you making these corrections and not the Tribune?

Just a few days prior to me writing this, I did indeed ask the Tribune to make a series of corrections.

Unfortunately, when I met privately with the Tribune’s Editor, I was immediately dismissed, mocked, and told, “No. There’s nothing to correct.” In fact, this conversation was only one of several recent meetings I have had with Tribune staff about these corrections, updates, etc.

Just days prior to meeting with the paper’s current editor, I sat down for a total of nearly five hours over two days with a veteran Tribune reporter who concluded that, my story “is a story worth telling” and “if I were you, I’d want people to hear the full truth.”

Interestingly, a couple months prior to meeting with that veteran reporter, I was told virtually the same thing (“It’s a story worth telling. And if I were you I’d want people to know…”) by another highly-respected TV personality / reporter in the area after sitting down with them for nearly two hours early one morning, only to have their station manager dismiss the idea out of hand as the Tribune’s Editor later did.

I would have greatly prefered that the Tribune correct the record (and hope they still do) for a number of reasons, including that I’m fully aware of the inherent bias that one might read into a format like this, and because I am genuinely fearful that if I need to be the one to make these critical corrections to the story on my own. All of this could have been avoided if the Tribune’s Editor would have simply fixed the online version of the story.

Reasonable Question #2 — Why did you wait until NOW to say something?

The truth is, I haven’t waited until Now to say SOMETHING.

What I have done is waited until now to resort to saying this in this way, through this last option only after having exhausted all other options I could think of.

I have been trying, for — literally — years to get the full story out. I have tried, virtually everything I could think of, given my limited resources.



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