First-hand observations of a former prominent Yang-supporter and political professional

Before I joined the ranks of the “YangGang” in 2019, I had a long history in progressive Democratic politics.

I have been a candidate, an elected official, an organizer, a volunteer, a campaign manager, and a party official.

My level of successful political experience made me an oddity in the…

In recent years, the word, “censorship” has become a pejorative term and has consequently lost its real meaning and value when used and digested appropriately

In recent days, President Donald J.Trump was, indeed, censored by various social media outlets. …

According to one Progressive Democrat, the unfortunate answer appears to be: No.

In July of 2020, at President Trump’s direction, federal officers — often, heavily armed and wearing camouflage — were dispatched to Portland, Oregon, where they scooped up Black Lives Matter protesters and tossed them into unmarked vans before speeding away into the dark of night.

Lee Enterprises is one of the largest owners of local newspapers in America. Their apparent indifference to the truth, ethics, and transparency, is terrifying.

Before I introduce you to Lee Enterprises: The Sinclair Broadcast Group of Local Newspapers, a little background on Sinclair…

Until July 2017, Sinclair Broadcast Group operated its media empire in relative obscurity.

Then, John Oliver used his platform as host of HBO’s Last Week Tonight to shine a bright light…

What happened to me could happen to anyone, is likely to happen to more people more often, and has already — silently — claimed many victims

A few weeks ago, a Mayo Clinic L.P.C. (therapist) diagnosed me with a severe psychological “adjustment disorder” almost identical to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Specifically, I was diagnosed with an “Other Specified Trauma-and-Stressor-Related Disorder.”

Due to the fact that my traumas did not involve bodily harm or sexual violence…

Andrew Londre

Accomplished public servant and former elected official turned civic & cultural commentator and consultant 🔗

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