First-hand observations of a former prominent Yang-supporter and political professional

This is an abbreviated version of a previously published story that has also been updated with new information.

What voters should know and journalists should examine.

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Warzone’s uneven playing field will never be fixed if the game’s top dogs aren’t playing fairly themselves

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It’s time to create a political home for Democrats who are Anti-Establishment and Anti-Woke

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According to one Progressive Democrat, the unfortunate answer appears to be: No.

Lee Enterprises is one of the largest owners of local newspapers in America. Their apparent indifference to the truth, ethics, and transparency, is terrifying.

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What happened to me could happen to anyone, is likely to happen to more people more often, and has already — silently — claimed many victims

Andrew Londre

Accomplished public servant and former elected official turned civic & cultural commentator and consultant 🔗

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